Modern Mini

Hey Y'All Organic Kids Tee

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Hey Y’All!  Your Modern Mini will look so adorable in this super-soft, graphic tee! This is a comfortable every day, Modern Mini look!

We curate the best gender-neutral pieces that are modern but with a timeless appeal with simple color palettes that are made with top quality fabric.


This Graphic Tee is made of Tri-blend fabric birthed from the blend of three different types of thread. ... This ingenious material has the durability of polyester, the comfort of cotton, and the drape of rayon.
We love this brand! The Oyster’s Pearl has been featured in Southern Living Magazine, Country Living Magazine, Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, and countless design and lifestyle blogs.  Their product line has been proudly carried by Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Lord & Taylor, and been stocked in over 150 local shops and independent boutiques nationwide.  
Made in the USA, designed with love, and screen printed by hand in-house. All artwork is original and printed in black ink on a high-quality, super soft American-made tee.